"Program for the Masters Behind the Glass 2016

• Vernissage on 8 October at 11.30 a.m.
The inaugural speaker is Gudrun Schyman, who will be backed up by a
couple of the artists. All exhibitions are open Fri-Sun 11-17.
The opening ceremony is held at Österlens Glashytta.

• Demonstrations and collaborations
at Österlens Glashytta from 8 October until 6 November.
Glass blowers and artists work together to explore and
stretch the limits of the glass, aiming to discover, cross
boundaries and build bridges for a better knowledge and understanding of glass as a material and of each other.

From 8 October to 16 October, Mattia and Marco Salvadore
work together with Elin Maria Johansson and Etta Säfve at
the glassworking studio.

On 21-30 October we will have Austin Stern,
Brandyn Cahallan and Ludvig Löfgren, as well as
Börje Lindberg and Elna Jolom working at the glassworking
studio. Om 31 October until 6 November Tillie Burden is
working alongside Amy Krüger, Liv Strömquist and
Elna Jolom at the glassworking studio.

• 4 exhibitions featuring art glass
by international artists from all over the world in four inspiring environments. The exhibitions take place both outdoors and indoors. They consist of both conceptual and more traditional
art. We also want to show many different techniques and
ways to work with glass. The artists that we have chosen to feature have different expressions and directions in their work.

At Drakamöllan

• Exhibition with Mattia and Marco Salvadore from
Murano, Italy.

• Exhibition with Elna Jolom, Sweden, will be shown in the

• Lunch Sat-Sun 12-14 (please pre-order). Price: SEK 175.

At the Factory (Fabriken)

• Collection exhibition with over 25 artists, who have
participated in the Masters behind the glass 2013-2015.

• Exhibition with one art piece from each artist/glass artist participating this year.

• Demonstration of the flameworking technique, with the opportunity to try it out during the last weekends of the
event. For more information, click here.

• Art Shop

• Café

At Kiviks Musteri

• Exhibition in the apple orchard with artworks by Tillie Burden and Amy Krüger.

• Movie viewing about glass, glass blowing and the artists.

• Café and restaurant.

At Österlens Glashytta

• Demonstrations at the glassworking studio with new
teams every week.

• Exhibition of works made during the period

• Exhibition in the greenhouse with a presentation of the
artists working with glass for the first time, as well as
artworks made by a number of well established young glass artists.

• Glass auction during the whole period, ending on the 5th of November.

• Wine tasting on 5 November

• Finissage on 5 November, concluding the exhibition with an exciting demonstration by the collective BOOM.

• Café and shop In addition to the works made during the
event, it is also possible to buy the art works featured in the exhibit. Groups are welcome to book a visit during other
times. It is possible to have a guide traveling with you on
your bus or in your car. Groups are to pre-order any food
from the respective site. For more information and a quotation, please email us at: Info@glasriketsverige.se or
call us ata0414-73125.



Fri-Sun 11-17
from 8 October until
6 November

• Four exhibitions on four unique locations feature works by 38 glass artists from all over the world.

Demonstrations and collaborations
at Österlens Glashytta from 8 October until 6 November.

• We also show films allowing you get to know the artists and

• Glass auction during the whole period, ending on the 5th of November.

• Demonstration of the flameworking technique

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